Thursday, January 26, 2012

So, about that "blogging regularly" thing...

Yeah, I know I said I'd try and do this once a week. In my defense, I spent most of January bouncing around the country visiting friends (and thus without camera access), but still. Bad would-be blogger, bad!

I don't harbor illusions that anyone besides me is going to be reading this any time soon; I did say, however, that I wanted to get back into writing. Which I suppose means I should just suck it up and get typing.

So, in non-fibery news, my classes started up again this week. I'm taking another round of organic chemistry, analytical chemistry, even more calculus, and, just for fun, a 300-level course on the history of medieval Europe. (No, really. I'm taking it for fun. Believe me, it's not because I need the credit-hours at this point.) Having gotten through the week mostly unscathed, I'm cautiously optimistic about the semester. As long as I don't come down with the plague again, I think things will go well.

  • Organic II picked up exactly where Organic I left off on the very first day of class. It's still mostly conceptual thinking, which I can deal with. I would have appreciated a quick refresher, but it's really not that kind of course.
  • Analytical looks to be a lot of math. A lot of math. The first few chapters are a quick review of molar conversions, concentration, gas laws, etc. I say "quick" in that they're basically cramming all of both Fundamentals of Chemistry class into about a month, not due to their brevity, heh.
  • Calc II has been... interesting so far. I'm getting all the material, which worries me. From my experience, calculus is something that can only be learned through hours of brutal study and Khan Academy videos. Hopefully I'm not overestimating my grasp on things, because that would be bad. Still, we're only two classes into the semester. There's still plenty of time left for rending of clothes and gnashing of teeth.
  •   History of medieval Europe has been a lot of fun. The professor is wickedly funny in a sarcastic academe sort of way, which I think is wasted on a lot of the students. (I do not have a high opinion of my fellow classmates' abilities, which has been gained through several years of empirical observation.) I'm not sure if he's studied Greek or just memorized a few key words, but when he put a 3C declension on the board, my black heart went pitter-pat. I've kept pretty quiet in class-- mainly because no one else talks, and I'm trying to avoid being That Person. Still, I know that one of these days I'm going to slip and start grousing about lack of coverage of the development of Al-Andalus and the Reconquista compared to France and England.

Outside of class, I've really been working on improving my eating habits. Given the plague last semester, with its resultant lack of energy and inability to exercise or go to the gym, I totally let myself slide on the "eat real food and take care of myself" scale. Since the end of December (after the Stomach Flu of Death on X-mas day), I've been trying to create well-balanced, veggie-rich, nutrient-laden, savory meals.

So far, it's been a success. There have been a lot of soups in the mix, but I've also been experimenting with udon noodles and curries-- though not together, thankfully. If something goes particularly well and looks presentable enough to photograph, I might post the recipes up here. Though given the amount of food in my fridge right now, I probably won't have the space to cook anything in the next two weeks.

All right, that's a big enough wall of text for now. The next post will almost certainly involve pretty pictures of yarn, as I plan on writing it up as soon as this posts.

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