Monday, February 6, 2012

déjà vu?

I've noticed I have this strange tendency to cyclically fixate on colors and/or color schemes. Particularly when I'm buying yarn or fiber.

Item A:

Into the Whirled 64s Merino wool top in Spring Bloom, 4.4 oz.

Item B:

Southern Cross Fibre Club in Spring Meadow, 110 g, Texel wool
Are we perhaps seeing some similarities here? I picked up the ITW Merino around the 27th of January. The SCF? Touched base early this afternoon.

Now, to be fair, both bumps of fiber fall firmly into the realm of "Colors Jen enjoys on a regular basis." But I've found this happening with colors that aren't in my standard repertoire: 

Item C:

Spunky Eclectic Spunky Club, Tossed Salad. 3 oz, Merino/soysilk blend.
Fat Cat Knits superwash Merino top, Gung Ho. 4 oz.
(re: not in my typical repertoire-- I'm talking about the orange notes, mainly, since bright yellow-green is most certainly one of my usual suspects.)

Tossed Salad was November 2011's Spunky Club offering. I liked it so much I picked up more in early January.  Gung Ho? Was picked up at the end of December.

I'm not entirely sure why I do this, but it's always amusing (and occasionally frustrating) to note when I sort my stash page on Ravelry chronologically.

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